The following user guides provides step-by-step instructions on how flight attendants can view their Vacation Accrual information, make an Optional Election request, and submit a bid in CCS (By September 25).

It can be downloaded on Flying Together > Inflight Services > One United > Reference Guides, or by clicking here. The user guide is also available on your Link in the Content Locker app under the JCBA Resources folder.

* Vacation Guide_Part_1_Accrual & Elections Video

* Vacation Guide_Part_1_Accrual & Elections Guide

*The second and final user guide will be available in early November, and will include step-by-step instructions on vacation trading and fly through in CCS.

The Contract Section 12 Vacations; Key Areas Highlighted

Previous Video includes Vacation Booklet 1, 2, & 3, Slides Extended to 6 Seconds! Download here

Vacation Booklet_Part_1, 2,& 3. Will put it in context. Click, download, read!

Questions Answered In This Booklet:
• How Do I Accrue Vacation Days?
• How Can I Elect To Use My Vacation Days?

Vacation Booklet_Part_2_Bidding Rules
• When And How Do I Bid?
• What Are The Bidding Rules?

Vacation Booklet_Part_3_Monthly Options
• How Can I Trade Vacations?
• How Can I Fly Through a Vacation?

Vacation Terminology (The body of terms used in our new contract)

CCS User Guide