WELCOME NEWS to the Membership!  Our suggestion would be for the next 7 weeks at least to make ourcontract.org a homepage on your computer/cellphone internet browser….check it frequently. Once we start having C9 meetings and discussions in the domicile it will be of great value to have read the Summary (and then the Complete TA once available on July 11th), as well as any Q&A’s published (#2 is coming out later this evening). From the readings you will be able to narrow the scope of the questions significantly as we proceed through these next several weeks of Roadshows/Meetings/Voting processes.  We’re waiting for some materials to be published as handouts then will be in DENSW almost daily, plus local Council meetings are being set up.

As you read and absorb the Comprehensive TA Summary, that is where the focused questions will come from…and we know there will be many. As to the roadshow schedule, there are 16 locations/domiciles/bases worldwide for which the JNC presentations will be held. With travel time that is a 3-week schedule by itself. To assist with educating the membership on the TA details there is planned a live webcast scheduled for July 13th which will be archived for viewing (and reviewing) at any time.

Voting remains open for almost 2 weeks even after the July 28 roadshow in Denver. We are working to set up C9 meetings through the August vote, and next week once dates and locations can be confirmed, will be able to advertise prior to August bid closing. It’s just been 4 days since the MECs gave the go-ahead to the TA and the JNC has been working on the necessary follow-up since then.  The entire AFA Leadership appreciates your patience while the volumes of information is reviewed, edited, reviewed again, in preparation of presentation to you.  We sincerely look forward to helping you understand this new Agreement and all the details from which you will make the very important ratification decision.

Comprehensive TA Summary  |  JNC Information Sessions Schedule  |  TA Q and A #2