Thursday, May 19th DIA Picketing
1:00pm – 2:30pm West Side, meet by door 616 (upper level United Airlines side)
Please wear your uniform and red AFA pin!
pmUA and pmCO side-by-side! pmCMI starts the system-wide DOA off!

By now you have had the opportunity to see management’s response to the AFA Comprehensive Proposal which clarified areas of agreement and continuing areas of disagreement. Your JNC has asked the membership to continue reminding management this is NOT the time for concessions but rather blending 3 separate contracts into a single joint CBA moving our company and our workgroup forward. The update released from the JNC on May 1st exposed management’s concessionary bargaining position during a time of record profits.

To remind you of but a few of the areas of disagreement, here are the cited examples. United’s comprehensive proposal would:

  • Eliminate the incentive rates of pay pre-merger CAL and CMI Flight Attendants have today.
  • Eliminate or reduce pay factors, like Reserve Override and Holidays, pre-merger UAL Flight Attendants have had for over 30 years.
  • Drastically alter the reassignment provisions pre-merger CAL Flight Attendants have today.
  • Implement insurance coverage for Flight Attendants that was negotiated by United and ALPA, and raise the cost for Flight Attendants and their families by thousands of dollars.
  • Implement wage rates for Flight Attendants that are below American and Delta, and do not approach them until the third year of the Contract.

For the purpose of continuing to send the message to management ONCE AGAIN …..that it is LONG PAST TIME for the management at United Airlines to get this contract DONE for the benefit of long overdue improvements to this front-line workgroup, and also for the benefit of the AIRLINE ITSELF – creating a unified workforce proud to work together in providing a world-class product. This will ONLY happen if each Flight Attendant not only ‘feels’ but IS valued by those managing this company. pmUA Flight Attendants are still awaiting the too-long-overdue promises of the bankruptcy mantra “shared rewards for shared sacrifice” …. pmCO and pmCMI Flight Attendants have also missed out on the delayed improvements promised of this merger.

Management’s position has remained that “this agreement has to be good for the company”. What HAS been “good for this company” has been the ability to, for several years (and since the 2005 bankruptcy concessions of pmUA), postpone sharing with Flight Attendants the BILLIONS of dollars in profits via industry-leading wages, benefits, and work rule protections. It certainly HAS been good for even those in upper levels of management who have left this company and taken with them more than a “fair share”.

We Flight Attendants are all still here and still willing to show management we speak with ONE voice!