Update – 06.16.16
Thank you to ALL who were able to make today’s DOA at DIA! Great turnout…pmUA, pmCO, many friends, sons, daughters, dads, husbands, Pilots, CWA…..THANK YOU ALL!

And as well for the many many who sent messages of support but had to fly! All across the system there has been the display of solidarity and support for our JNC – I know management was watching today….but management – are you LISTENING!!??

You KNOW your Flight Attendants deserve it, and have waited much to long to get it, and you have benefited for far too long by trying to nickel and dime while reaping BILLIONS in profits! For 6 years it has been more than “fair for the company”, now it’s time to be fair to your Flight Attendants! Contract NOW!

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Systemwide Day of Action

Date: Thursday, June 16th
DEN Location: DIA Level 6 | Meet at Door 616
Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm In Uniform (Family and friends welcome)
Gathering/briefing time: 12:45pm

A strong and powerful message must be sent to United Management: We, as United Flight Attendants have the power to send that message! This is our time! We will not pay for this merger! We are United Flight Attendants, not CAL, CMI or UAL…just United! Each and every one of us has contributed to the success of our airline. It is time for our actions to be recognized.

Join us for our Day of Action and let your voice be heard across the globe!