If you have not received your voting information, contact the AFA-CWA Membership Services Department at 800.424.2401 x706

Soon our 550+ pmCO and 650+ pmUA Denver Flight Attendant population will combine and afford us the opportunity to choose OUR Representative path forward TOGETHER, as well as who are to be our elected AFA Union Officers representing the entire 1300+ STRONG, INFORMED AND UNITED Denver FA population – locally, at the Master Executive Council (MEC) level, and at the AFA-CWA Board of Directors (BOD). Each Denver-based Flight Attendant – pmUA and pmCO – will receive, by regular mail, voting instructions and your personal authorization voting code specific to this election.

The AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws does outline the job description and duties for each of the elected representation positions… access is also available from the following link, below. In addition, during the election window, candidates will be able to and may choose to post their qualifications resume on the AFA Council Bulletin Board(s) at DENSW and DENTK, per guidelines outlined in the AFA-CWA Election Handbook, and overseen by the AFA International Office.

Please take this local Council Officer Election as seriously as we all did the recent Contract TA vote…an outstanding voter turnout! Voting is not only a right of Union membership; it is an obligation. Please participate.

NOMINATION RESULTS. The following Flight Attendants will appear on the election ballot:

LEC President (Choose 1)
Stacy Jassek
Ken Kyle
Amanda Ledbetter

LEC Vice President (Choose 1)
Luis Albarran Sanchez
Chris Bruton

LEC Secretary (Choose 1)
Anthony Acosta
Zac Peirce

Council Representative (choose 2)
Peter Coenen
Martina Magpoc
Stephanie Schoen
Shelly Vogl


Mail Date: 11-14-16 Voting Notice & Voting Guides are mailed. This contains your personal 16-digit activation code.
Polls Open: 11-17-16. 12:00 PM EST. The polls are open and voting begins.
Polls Close: 12-14-16. 1:00 PM EST. The polls close and the count takes place.