Now that Flight Attendants have voted to ratify a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) we are beginning the work needed to implement the new contract and finally bring all United Flight Attendants together into a single team. AFA and United will work closely on the JCBA implementation, and we will keep you informed as we do so.

The implementation will be overseen by a Joint Implementation Team (JIT) composed of three AFA members and three company members, who will be supported by subject matter experts from AFA and United.

To make sure everyone is as prepared as possible, we will send you advance notification before implementing specific provisions of the JCBA. This is the first in a series of communications about the implementation of the new JCBA.

Implementation framework

We will implement the new contract in phases:

1. Date of Signing (DOS)

Contract provisions being implemented as of the “Date of Signing” will include adopting new pay rates and most pay factors and overrides. We will also implement provisions from the new contract for those policies and business processes that are simpler to execute and don’t require technology enhancements. These “Date of Signing” changes, which are listed below, will go into effect with the first day of the September bid month.

2. Date of Signing Plus (DOS+)

Some provisions in the JCBA are a bit more complex, requiring moderate technology enhancements and more involved business processes. The Joint Implementation Team will prioritize these DOS+ items after taking into account United’s business needs, Flight Attendant priorities and the degree of complexity involved in implementing the various provisions.

3. Common Crew Management System (CMS)

Finally, the third phase of implementation will consist of the JCBA provisions that involve the most complex technology enhancements. All of these provisions are tied to migrating to a common Crew Management System, which will allow for all Flight Attendants to be scheduled as a single workforce.

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One United: JCBA Date Of Signing Implementation Q & A: Last week we announced the start of the implementation of the Flight Attendants’ Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA). Remember that the JCBA will be implemented in phases and only the Date of Signing (DOS) items are in effect now that we are in the September bid month. Since last week’s announcement, we have received a number of questions and comments. Many of the questions were in the “How do I do that” and “When will I be paid for this” categories, so we decided to communicate those answers to everyone instead of replying to the comments. Review the Q & A HERE.