Dear Flying Partners:

As your elected representatives and leaders of your Flight Attendant Union, AFA-CWA, we write to ensure that we share a common understanding of the many recent obstacles and distractions which are being thrown at our Flight Attendant community. These current efforts are specifically designed to undermine our careers, our Union and are intended to redirect and deter us from our primary focus and objective – a Joint Contract for CAL, CMI and United Flight Attendants that represents the value our work brings directly to the bottom line success of our airline.

AFA, as a democratic organization, has and will continue to welcome freedom of expression and encourage differences in opinions. We are stronger and better when we recognize this diversity. We are an inclusive organization. However, what must be clear is that any attempt that has the potential to destroy our goal of reaching a single agreement or our bargaining rights and minimize the voice of our profession cannot and will not be tolerated.

As many of you are aware, the most recent effort by this sham group must be seen exactly for what it is – Union busting. Some of the individuals who are directly behind this effort were unable to achieve their personal objectives within AFA’s democratic process because their objectives were inconsistent with the interests of all United Flight Attendants and conflicted with our core Union values. These individuals have turned to Union-busting as a way to accomplish their individual interests. In fact, they have no clear direction for Negotiations and, while claiming to be Unionists, have aligned themselves with values contrary to those of the Membership and true Unionism.

Given the recent unanimous agreement between the Master Executive Councils for CAL, CMI and United to begin an educational campaign and implement our unified strategy to achieve a single Contract, we must question not only the timing of this most recent effort, we must challenge the motives behind it.

Your AFA Leadership is taking decisive action to protect your bargaining rights and the best interests of all of our Members. As was demonstrated during this week’s Day of Action, we are asking that you continue to support your Local Council leaders, your respective MEC and the Members of our Union’s Joint Negotiating Committee by rejecting the intentional efforts of this group to derail our objective to achieve a joint Contract.

If you receive any email and do not want to receive further communications from the sender, we recommend that you notify the sender to stop sending unsolicited communications by unsubscribing. Provide a report to your Local Council President.

Additionally, if you are approached by supervisors or representatives of this group, write up an incident report on the AFA Website detailing the date, time, place of incident, the identity of the supervisor/employee and what was said. The incident report will be directed to your Local Council President and will be forwarded to AFA Legal in Washington, D.C.

It is imperative WE stand together as a community of Flight Attendants never losing focus on our ultimate objective – a joint Contract for CAL, CMI and United Flight Attendants that recognizes our contributions.,

In Solidarity,

The United Master Executive Council Officers
Ken Diaz, Andreas Curlee, Jeffrey Heisey