Dear members,

First thank you for your patience as the important information regarding our Tentative Agreement is compiled, proofed, presented, and discussed. Currently you DO have access via to the TA Summary (31 pages), along with Q&As which are being updated and added as necessary to help clarify specific issues (medical, jumpseat, industry comparisons, etc). In addition, it is expected that on July 11th the full TA will be available via pdf. As with all other information, please check frequently for more information.

Since Sunday, July 3rd, your Local Council 9 Officers, with InfoRep assistance, and along with pmCO C64 LECP Denny Wheeling, have been staffing a table in DENSW to answer questions and discuss member concerns. We will continue to do so as much as is practical and possible throughout the entire voting schedule while also continuing the necessary and normal daily work of the Council.

In addition to the list of JNC TA ROADSHOWS scheduled around the entire system (Guam, Narita, Hong Kong, through the U.S., and ending in Frankfurt and London), beginning July 11th and ending August 3rd, we will be holding DEN Council 9 Meetings for similar discussions about the TA. Those dates, times, and locations are listed below for you to plan accordingly.

Please note, without knowing how many will plan to attend any one meeting, we have decided to hold these meetings in one of most available locations – The Postal Workers Union Hall (APWU) – which affords great flexibility as to number of attendees. And we GREATLY appreciate the support of the APWU in allowing use of their facilities! Please thank them for their Union hospitality when you come by.

There will also be a live webcast hosted by the JNC on July 13th, and archived for viewing by those who will not be able to make the scheduled JNC Roadshow(s).

Respectfully – Ken, Chris, Zac, Teresa, Stephanie

TA VOTE CLOSES AUGUST 12, 2016 at 10:00am MT