There are reports of a number of misrepresentations to Flight Attendants by those distributing Union authorization cards. Examples include, “Just sign so you’ll get more information.” Or, “Just sign to show you care about that issue [whatever issue you mention].” Flight Attendants who have later learned the real truth about this campaign, have changed their minds after signing. While there’s no requirement they let you withdraw your card or cancel it for you, it’s certainly reasonable to expect they will honor your request. Failure to follow your request is proof that this is not about seeking to improve your representation or promote work place democracy. Remember, a Union authorization card is a legal document that will be used in evidence at the National Mediation Board (NMB) to determine if there is enough support to call for a decertification election. It takes 50% of the entire combined Flight Attendant work force. The best way to stop any attempt to divide us is to simply refuse to sign a card.

A request of revocation of ufaa authorization card can be done by sending the following request by mail to ufaa. You should make three (3) copies, one for AFA, one for the NMB, and one for your records. We ask that you please send both the AFA copy and NMB copy to:

Association of Flight Attendants
Attention: Ed Gilmartin – AFA Legal
501 3rd Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

We will collect the letters and present them to the NMB in the event it is necessary.

One other word of caution: if a decertification election is called, the ballot would include spots to vote for AFA, for ufaa and for “No Union.” It’s not as simple as switching unions, or even “sending a message” with your vote. The ultimate risk of a decertification election is that we may all wind up with no union. You may not think that’s likely, but management will be pushing very hard to get the Flight Attendants to vote the union out altogether. None of us wants to end up without a union, without a contract and without a voice. Be smart. Get the facts. Don’t sign anything.

You will hear proponents telling you that signing the card is “just asking for an election”, yet they are pushing bag tags, literature, and a website for a specific start-up union effort. The bag tags don’t say “We’re Just Asking For An Election” – they are promoting an agenda to replace our current recognized bargaining unit – AFA – with an untested group with limited financial resources based on ‘donations’, and formed by a secret Organizing Committee who privately selected the three interim officers, and wrote their own Constitution & Bylaws. Who are they? What is their agenda? Why are they not named? How can this group allege a lack of transparency within AFA when they themselves offer nothing but secrecy for those behind the effort? Did the three interim ‘officers’ simply appoint themselves and write the C&Bs?