Wednesday, June 8th, United Airlines will conduct its annual shareholder meeting at Willis Tower in Chicago. This event is typically a corporate celebration, but without a contract we can ratify it’s another day of an incomplete merger and failure to recognize the efforts of the people who make our airline fly.

Enough is Enough! Contract Now. Time is Up, United!

We call on every Flight Attendant in the Chicago area and all of those on layover to join us Wednesday morning at 8 am in front of Willis Tower. AFA members will picket and call attention to the fact that an airline is about people, and customer service starts with the people who deliver it and keep our passengers safe. United Flight Attendants will stand together to be recognized and call on United management to finish this merger with a contract we can ratify.

When: June 8, 2016 at 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Where: Willis Tower, Chicago

Attire: Full Uniform with Red AFA pin, Green Shirts for friends and family.

Let’s make it clear that we stand behind our Joint Negotiating Committee as we press United management to complete these negotiations with an industry-leading contract we can ratify.

In Solidarity,

Your AFA United Airlines Negotiations Support Coordinators

Diane Tucker, pre-merger United

Adam Novish, pre-merger Continental
Ray Leon Guererro, pre-merger Continental Micronesia

PLUS: Mark Your Calendars Now for our June Day of Action around the system, June 16th. We will continue to stand up for our future together. Until United management makes good the promises made to Flight Attendants we will escalate our actions together. United for change – we will win.